Emblem of SK Slovan Bratislava
Koloman GOGH

(1. 7. 1948)

          Born in Kladno (currently Czech rep.), but with football started in Kolarovo
(Slovakia). After that played for junior team of Komarno, his army duties performed
in Dukla Holesov (Czech rep.).
          As a paratrooper he learned to bravenes, patience, responsibility and these
charecteristics brought with him to SK Slovan Bratislava.
          Stabile player of Czechoslovak national team became in 1975. Was a member
of Czechoslovak national team, which became in 1976 (Yugoslavia) European champion
and in 1980 finished third.
GOGH Koloman
GOGH Koloman
GOGH after semifinal match against Netherland (EURO 1976, Yugoslavia)
Koloman GOGH (left) waves to spectators after a win
over Netherland.
[ Czechoslovakia - Netherland  3 : 1 (1 : 0) (1 : 1), overtime (3 : 1)
EURO 1976 semifinal match, Yugoslavia]